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Event: Wedding Weekend

Join us April 22-23, 2022 to “Put a Ring On It”! With full collections from multiple designers and vendors in the store, you and your partner can get special pricing on engagement rings and wedding…

ByTaylar Springer

March 26, 2022

15 Fascinating Gemstone Facts

Want to learn more about gem stones? Here are 15 facts you probably did not know! Alexandrite shines red in lamplight and green in sunlight; hence, the saying “emerald by day, ruby by night”. Amber…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

August 6, 2019

Lab-Grown vs. Organic Diamonds

“You’re WAY too young to be married.”  “You’re HOW old?” “Do your parents know you’re married?” Here are three things the people under the age of 25 often hear when a diamond ring is spotted…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

July 13, 2019

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Shopping for a Mother’s Day gift is no joke. There aren’t too many things that encompass everything you want to say to your mother, like how thankful you are and how…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

April 30, 2019

The History of Engagement Rings

None of us really know when the first engagement ring was given or what the meaning behind it was, but we do know the history of their designs, cuts, colors, and everything in between. The…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

March 12, 2019

Jewelry in the Early Eras

The Georgian Era (1714-1837) The “Georgian Era” got its name during the reign of King George I-IV from 1714-1840. After an improvement in the manufacturing of candles made them burn brighter and longer, a change…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

March 11, 2019

The Four C's

The Four C’s If there is one thing we all know to be true, it’s that diamond shopping is not that easy. They are all different sizes, different shapes, different colors, and somehow, we are…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

March 11, 2019

City council's 'defer' decision short-sighted

If you have been following the city council’s decision-making process with the proposed public art project “The Lens,” for the Ped Mall in Iowa City, then you are no stranger to Mark Ginsberg’s perspective and his conviction…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

February 24, 2016

Our art defines us, makes us unique

At M.C. Ginsberg, we truly believe that “What defines us and makes us unique – is what makes our lives exciting and creative.” In the Gazette, owner Mark Ginsberg shares why art is not only…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day with M.C. Ginsberg on CBS2/FOX28

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the occasion! What we love most though, is helping others share the love and create memories to last a lifetime...

ByM.C. Ginsberg

February 12, 2016

M.C. Ginsberg supports "Any Given Child"

The Any Given Child program is underway in Iowa City, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it! This program is designed to assist communities in strategic planning to provide arts…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

January 26, 2016

Dancer brings craft to Iowa City schools

King-Edqux Robinson is M.C. Ginsberg Artist in Residence As this year’s M.C. Ginsberg Artist in Residence, King-Edqux Robinson is dancing his way through Iowa Citys schools. Every week, Robinson is visiting with third and fourth…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

January 5, 2016

M.C. Ginsberg in Dec. 17th Corridor Business Journal

Partnership with M.C. Ginsberg helping UI College of Education prepare teachers in STEM fields M. C. Ginsberg will be working in conjunction with the University of Iowa College of Education to advance programs for teachers…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

December 17, 2015

Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty "Great Big Storm"

M.C. Ginsberg’s is proud to be part of this community and applauds what the Iowa City/Coralville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has produced in recognition of these great communities. This video does an incredible job of…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

December 9, 2015

2015 Paul Engle Prize crafted by M.C. Ginsberg

Congratulations to Sara Paretsky on becoming the fourth recipient of the Paul Engle Prize. Established in 2011, the award is given to a writer who, like Paul Engle, represents a pioneering spirit in the world…

ByM.C. Ginsberg

September 24, 2015