City council’s ‘defer’ decision short-sighted

635794000153361964-PubArt6If you have been following the city council’s decision-making process with the proposed public art project “The Lens,” for the Ped Mall in Iowa City, then you are no stranger to Mark Ginsberg’s perspective and his conviction that art is a necessary part of life and community.

In his latest guest editorial in the Press Citizen, Mark Ginsberg explains why deferring funding for this project “is short-sighted and selfish,” because it is something the entire community can benefit from. He also states that if the project turns to private funding entirely, that he may have to “defer” his support of other community based projects, in order to bring art and a higher quality of life to Iowa City, by means of “The Lens.” He continues to explain the various ways other arts-based programs have made Iowa City the place it is today and that without these in place, our lives would be vastly different.

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