M.C. Ginsberg in Dec. 17th Corridor Business Journal

Partnership with M.C. Ginsberg helping UI College of Education prepare teachers in STEM fields

M. C. Ginsberg will be working in conjunction with the University of Iowa College of Education to advance programs for teachers and others in the sciences, technology, engineering, the arts and math.

M.C. GinsbergI believe that training our future teachers to intersect multiple disciplines enhances our education and eventual real life practices while at the same time creating new paradigms for K-12 to learn and apply their specific skills towards solution owner Mark Ginsberg stated in a press release. The new partnership will explore ways in which teachers can create project-based and community-spaced projects in K12 and postsecondary classrooms.

M. C. Ginsberg is currently working with the College of Education to create workshops for both faculty and students. The first workshop for faculty will be Dec. 22 at M. C. Ginsberg-Advanced Design and Manufacturing. Introduction into computer aided design and its™ application to art, science, math, social science, geology, history, engineering and business will be discussed and practiced.

M. C. Ginsberg, Objects of Art historically known as a retail jewelry store has been quietly working toward multi-disciplined approaches to education, invention and problem solving since 1987.

After fusing titanium beads to a hip for research in 1987, M. C. Ginsberg discovered that the application of art to solve challenges and help create solutions in science was very possible.

We began working with Biomedical Engineers to build prototypes and define proof of concept for ideas to further science, Mr. Ginsberg said.

In 2003 M. C. Ginsberg approached the University of Iowa’s Office for Research and Economic Development to offer potential assistance to faculty and students in furthering their research and ideas to the market and eventual development of businesses.