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Classes at M.C. Ginsberg

Classes focused on solving the challenges of science and engineering through art and technology.

STEAM Enrichment Class

3d D&D

Professional Development






STEAM Enrichment Class


Four week sessions, Saturdays mornings 9a-12:30p

Students learn two different platforms of CAD [computer aided design] software.  Projects that students will complete are; making a 3d puzzle cube, a rubber band powered catapult, and a unique creature or monster.


Projects that students design will be 3d printed and students will be able to take their 3d printed projects home at the end of the four week session.


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3d D&D- 3d Design and Dungeons and Dragons


Four week sessions, Saturdays; morning session 9a-12:30p or afternoon session 1p-4:30p,


Students will learn the basics of Dungeons and Dragons and 3d design for 3d printing.  During this class they will use their creativity to participate in a group storytelling game by designing and creating their own character  including a custom 3d printed and painted mini, they will also design and defeat a custom monster of their own design.  Students will make unique characters, create a unique 3d design of that character that will be printed for them, they will then do the same for a monster that will be used in the game.  The class will culminate in playing a custom game using elements that students created.

Students ages 10 and up are welcome, prior experience with D&D or 3d design are not required but also welcomed.

Skills used in this class will include 3d design, creative writing, small group public speaking, group storytelling, as well as basic math.

Join us for a fun way to learn new skills, learn a new game, and generally have a good time.


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Professional Development


M.C. Ginsberg will work with local teachers to instruct them in how to create 3d files to be printed by the 3d printers already present in their schools.  

The goal will be to enable teachers to create their own teaching aids and class room models.

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Mike Sneller has a BFA in metalwork from the University of Iowa school of Art and Art History.  He has also taught welding classes at Kirkwood Community College’s Career Academy and Advanced Manufacturing and Design and 3d Design and Prototyping at the University of Iowa Belin Blank Honors Center Junior Scholars Institute and National Scholars Institute.


Lizzie O’Neill has a BFA in 3D design, an Art Education license, and a minor in Museum Studies from the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History and School of Education.  She teaches art classes throughout the Iowa City community, and designs jewelry at M.C.Ginsberg: Objects of Art. Her passion is making art accessible and relevant in every person’s daily life.  She enjoys using art and creativity as a way to solve any and all problems, questions, and desires encountered throughout the course of a day.




4 week session $600 [14 hours of instruction] and a $50 lab fee per session.


Tuition fees are due before the start of class and are non-refundable.


Financial assistance is available for those who need it.  Please contact Lizzie at M.C. Ginsberg for more information.



Lizzie Ginsberg
(319) 351-1700